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Tennis Park in Jinshuiwan Sports Center---SCL new finished project


Jinshuiwan Sports Park is located in Lu'an City, Anhui Province, with an area of about 28 hectares. It is part of the local ecological environment comprehensive management project, and the fitness environment is comfortable.Mr. Zhang, the project manager, also said: All kinds of sports venues can meet various entertainment activities. At present, the materials (facilities and equipment) used in our project are all premium brand.

The sports park had some special demands for their lighting installation. Specification stated 500Lux, achieving Club Competition standard for tennis. With basically no obtrusive light boundaries come into play, we provided a design that would meet some of the tightest of spill light margins. This ultimately leads to more light on the court.

We were very happy to receive customers positive feedback, the lighting was outstanding. With positive Electrical Services has been involved in. In their experience the light levels, light distribution, uniformity and spill light control were on point.

Loads of satisfaction

This sports park assignment is one we look back upon with loads of satisfaction. At this sports park, many things came together that led to this joint success. Or as the spokes person Mr. Chen at states: “The results of the design and build prove that SCL can match and surpass other leading suppliers within the industry.”

SCL- Sports Lighting, high uniformity lighting over the full pitch,enjoy sports and enjoy life!

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