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Ice sports synthesis stadium | Beijing Yuetan Stadium


Beijing Yuetan Stadium is a multi-purpose and synthesis modern gymnasium. It has hosted the Asian Games Judo Competition, the Pan Pacific Judo Championship ,the Asian Handball Championship, and the 2008 Olympic Games. It was also the birthplace of domestic mass aerobics.


In order to meet the diversified sports and fitness needs of the masses and promote the development of ice sports industry, Beijing Municipal Development and Reform Commission has approved the proposal of the yuetan Stadium infrastructure upgrading project.


The upgraded Yuetan Stadium integrates professional training, competition and national fitness, and has become a comprehensive stadium. Therefore, the quality requirements of various sports facilities are extremely strict. We are honored to be the official lighting supplier of the Yuetan stadium.


After upgrading, these venues have advanced facilities and professional lighting. The stadium includes outdoor track field, ice hockey, basketball, wrestling court, taekwondo and judo hall, etc.


Seven continents (SCL) will continue to exert the professional ability of LED sports lighting, and will provide athletes with a more healthy and comfortable light environment.

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