LED Rugby Court Lighting


Rugdy  field lighting design principles: its lighting quality mainly depend on the lighting illuminance levels, illumination uniformity and glare control levels. It should take into consideration that its output illumination will be decreased because of the dust or light decay. Light decay depend on the installation location of the environmental conditions and the type of the selected light source, so the new initial illumination is 1.2 to 1.5 times of the recommended light.

The glare depends on the light density, project direction, quantity, the viewing position and the brightness of the environment. In fact, the number of lamps have relation to the number of the auditorium. Relatively speaking, the training court choosing simple installation is enough; but for large stadium, it need to install more lights, by controlling the light beam to achieve high brightness and low glare.Except for the glare to the athletes and spectators, it can also generate glare outside the stadium. But do not project the light to the surrounding roads or neighborhoods.









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