SCL illuminates Brondby Stadium In Denmark


Brondby Stadium located in Greater Copenhagen, Denmark, is named by the famous football team Brondby.They needed an upgrading LED lighting system to meet the TV broadcasting requirement. After conducting extensive research and exploring several options, the Brondby Stadium officials finally turned to Seven Continents Lighting (SCL). In the early period,SCL's team arranged the meeting with the officials to check and discuss further installation details.

The picture was that SCL's team and officials were discussing the details during the meeting.

Our technicians were checking the measurement of the stadium and visiting the control room. This is a necessary job before installing SCL LED lighting system and the DMX system. 

After the completion of discussion and site inspection in Denmark, we find a best lighting solution and make a delivery on time. Here share pictures that the SCL lights are loaded in the container and ready to shipment.

SCL's technicians were assisting the installation instruction and make adjustment of lighting to show the excellent light effect.Here are the final light effect pictures.

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